Had a really nice evening with awesomeness people. Unfortunately the evening ended with me having a minor anxiety attack and I’m still amazed that I haven’t thrown up :(

But now it’s time to get over myself cause I have work in 6 hours and then I’m heading back to Stockholm again. This time for rainbow rave, because Sthlm Pride. And that is going to be awesome!
(Even though I have work 7am the next morning, and will feel like an awful person if I call in sick that day :/ )




today at work i let someone into a dressing room and they said “thanks” and half of me tried to say “you’re welcome” and the other half tried to say “no problem” and i ended up saying “your problem”


this post had me in tears

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I have a sort of half done dye job right now.
I blame mom refusing to do it the way we always do.
She blames me not reading the instructions.

I’ve discovered there’s a lot you can do inside haunted houses.


For example, you can:

  • be in a shampoo commercial


  • start a boy band:


  • spot some choice booty:


  • break into song:


  • see some people in frankly offensive outfits:


  • attend a metal show:


  • listen to some sick jams:


  • discover zombieism:


  • sample some tasty snacks:


  • watch someone get burned bad:


  • find something you really like:


  • find something you really, really like:


  • find something you REALLY REALLY LIKE:


  • and wonder if you left the stove on:


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Doing The Pledge of Allegiance every school day for 4 or 5 years is one of those things that don’t seem strange when you’re young

But then you get older and you realized “yeah, swearing your allegiance to a flag for about 200+ days out of 365 day year in unity with other small children is without a doubt a creepy as fuck activity”

wait is that actually a thing american schoolchildren do what the fuck

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WB and DC logos for the DC shows coming to television this fall.

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Lily Evans going home after their fifth year and becoming upset and moving her magical things aside to make way for Muggle things and taking extra care to look like a Muggle and enjoying her Muggle things and not caring because she’s sick of the hatred towards Muggles.

Sirius Black going home after their fifth year and doing the same thing for reasons that aren’t entirely the same but aren’t entirely different either.

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If the signs were mythological creatures:

  • Aries: Werewolf
  • Taurus: Hell hound
  • Gemini: Doppelgänger
  • Cancer: Banshee
  • Leo: Fairy
  • Virgo: Angel
  • Libra: Nymph
  • Scorpio: Siren
  • Sagittarius: Ghost
  • Capricorn: Mermaid
  • Aquarius: Vampire
  • Pisces: Shapeshifter


Say what you want about Sterek but I’ve never read so many fics where the overlying message is trust, consent, and safe sex.

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sororicida said: I feel the same, but might be cause I’m starting to get more and more irritaded at teenages in both fanfic and “regular” fiction. *re-reading mortal instruments. Stupid teenagers! GAH*

Yeah I’m having some issues with that as well. :/
At least I feel like the characters in TMI get taht they’re not adults. It’s even more infuriationg with 16/17 year olds who insiste thay are grownup and know everything -_-

tokyodarjeeling said: *whispers* College AUssss. No but I get it, I feel the same with YA novels these days, but bc I’ve read so many great HS AUs lately I’m still hooked on that :)

Yeah I’m going with College AU’s instead now it feels a bit better. ^^I’ve read so many good HS AU’s through teh years that I still love so I feel kind of bad abut this :(