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asparmagus said: Nope men “medan” är det ;)

Bra då använder jag det i stället! :D 

lordbossy said: Att “jäntemot” inte är ett ord orsakar mig stor smärta.

Då förstår du hur jag känner mig nu. Det är brutalt när det känns som att man inte kan sitt eget språk. 

treskift said: Jag vet att “medans” är fel men jag tror det är okej att säga/skriva “medan”, alltså utan s. Nån som vet bättre får gärna rätta mig på det annars x)

Jag tycket “Medan” känns fel men datorn klagar inte på mig med det i alla fall ^^”

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lordbossy said: Welcome to uni studies; where no one ever has a set opinion ever 8D

I’m starting to realize that. -_-‘

treskift said: Definitivt vuxenpoäng! Vuxenpoäng förtjänas mycket väl när man ringer och tar itu med något man själv tidigare gjort fel med, minuspoäng vore om du helt enkelt gett upp på att få det fixat över huvud taget. Härligt när saker fixar sig :)

Ja, jätte härligt. ^^

asparmagus said: Massa vuxenpoäng!!

lordbossy said: Oh god i thought this only happened to me (when i visit my parents nowadays it always takes a while to remember where i am in the morning)

treskift said: I had the same feeling several times last fall! It stopped happening after a month or two, then I just woke up not knowing where I was for some weeks x) (such a strange feeling)

I hadn’t even opened my eye’s, but I had this picture in my head of my room and the certainty that I was in my old bed. And it literally faded over to the room I’m in now before I opened my eyes. 

It has never happened to me before and it’s been going really well living here so it was kind of a surprise.
I think with the final dinner of our two introduction weeks having been last night I sort of started entering the panic that I didn’t have time for before.
If so that is going to be very inconvenient. 

lordbossy said: Oh my goodness, all of that sounds horrible!! How about we arrange for you to take the train & then stay at our place the next time we go to late night movies together? <3

Thank you, that might be a good idea ^^

treskift said: Oh god that sounds terrible, I’m so happy it worked out with the garage and all! Hopefully you’ll get your wallet back soon too, if you call SF and tell them about it I’m sure you’ll get it back! Hugs ♡♡

mellokins said: Omg I’m so glad you got home safe in the end!! ❤️❤️ try contacting SF about your wallet as they probably have it!

Thank you both. I did try calling them but aparently there isn’t a way to just call them directly and checking with their website it says that there is no call service for lost itmes. So I’ll have to go there to check if they have it or not.

tokyodarjeeling said: Dear God I’m so sorry that happened to you D:

Thank you. I should have though of the time earlier and made sure to know which way I was going. That would have made it much easier!

Hugs to all of you <3


I really wanna try that app sometime as well! Even more so if you recommend it!

I’ve only done the intro so far (but I’m excited, can you tell?) and I’m gonna do 8 weeks of beginners training before I do any other missions, but you could probably get right on running from those zombies ;D

Zombies Run! is pretty awesome, it’s only reason I started running regularly! The first mission of both the original game and the 5K are the same so it fits with the story line. You can start with either. I’m probably going to have to start over with the 5K once my foot will allow me to run at all, which is a bitt frustrating. It is totally recommended!


I’m really interested now, both in the pairing you dislike and the one lolo dislikes…?

Mine is a Maze runner ship, so it wouldn’t mean much to you anyway, we’ll talk when you’ve read the books ;D
As for Lolo’s, I’m kinda curious too!

The ship is Emma Swan and Regina Mills (The Evil Queen) from Once Upon a Time. There have been one scene in the two and a half seasons where I kind of got how people would ship them, but all in all I just don’t feel it.
And it’s made worse by the fact that I have yet to see a person refer to a moment between them in a calm and rational manner. All I’ve seen is people freaking out and throwing accusations at the show runners and it pisses me off.

treskift said: Aah! I’m so happy for you! I’m going to try and see it in a week or something :) Did you get the tickets I made SF send you? (I think I had the right address for you at least)

I haven’t gotten any tickets. Not yet at least.
And a huge thank you for dealing with that, it was very kind of you! <3

tokyodarjeeling said: Are you okay?! What’s happening?! D: Best of luck with whatever it is, I’ll be sending love and hugs your way ♥♥♥

colorfusical said: Operation? What is going on? D: <3<3

I was at work deliverin to a store and jumoed of the loading dock, right to where it was a hole and slipery snow, so I crashed. My mom had to come to work and pick me up and we went to the hospital where the x-ray showed it was broken and so now I’m just waiting for them to either tell me when the operation will be or if I can finally eat something!

treskift said: I’m so sorry :((( I really wanted to go and see it with you! Hopefully you’ll recover quickly so you can go see it <3

Me too. I was walking around earlier flping between beeing exited to see the movie and being exited to se you and Mina. <3
I may have to give in a bit and just go see it here in Swedish, I’m getting tired of waiting :/

tokyodarjeeling said: Watch out for Mina then, got it. (I’m most scared of Hanna though, and I don’t think I’m the only one?)

treskift said: But isn’t Hanna a pisces Emily? Shouldn’t she be compassionate and caring and just allaround not scary? It seems we can’t trust the zodiacs on this….

Maybe she kills with kindness. Or maybe Emily just doesn’t trust her medical skills?
Also according to the zodiacs Matti would be our leader. Interesting.

tokyodarjeeling said: Also, I love the questioning “would we?” hahahahha <3

treskift said: Hmm… Let’s not put Lolo in charge of the food then. And we’d have a large group of Aquarians going all creative with killing off enemies!

I could probably handle the food as long as someone else made all the decisions  ;)
We’d have plenty of crazy killing ideas! And apparently Mina would be the one to keep us sane and keep us from killing each other so just don’t piss her of Emily and you’ll probably survive (or not be killed by your own at least)