You’re gonna go there and so. Much. Fun. Seriously. And I’ll be here all jealous (because I’m already beginning to get jealous…) and miss you guys. So now, go, have fun! Don’t get stuck in the snow!

I know, but I still felt like crap. Now I’m fine though! It generally hits late at night and makes me hate life as I try to fall asleep ^^”

I miss you guy’s too! We need to see each other more! (cause last week was such an eternity ago!)

Robin for Exorcistor

Robin for Exorcistor

I’ve just had an awesome time watching Rise of the Guardians!

With awesome people Rob, Matti, Cece and Sofie! Thanks that I got to join! :D

The movie was awesome! 
And just like I’ve been doing at every move I see lately I cried… a lot. ^^”

Now I’m on the train heading back home and I’m gonna finish the last 1500 words of NaNoWriMo, just in time!

KomuCon1 in Stockholm, Sweden.
19-21 December 2008


I had never before taken the train on my own before, I’d never even bought a train ticket someone els had always done that when we’d gone somewhere and I had definitely never taken the subway in Stockholm before so I was kind if freaking out when I was going home.

So big thanks to Perry who saved me from ending up crying in a corner.
And to Robin who was amazingly kind and helped me get where I was going and getting my ticket. <3

dot dot dot why would you want to share that with the world

I kind of panicked at first wondering what I had posted when I read this XD
I needed something to add to my queue and the books where just standing in my bookcase so…

I could actually understand liking the books. The classic girl meets boy/forbidden love thing can be good if you like that kind of thing… But the movies? My sister absolutely loves the books but she thinks the movies are horrible :S I have nothing to compare because I have…

Well I don’t actually like the movies. I’ve seen them all, and laughed thru them more or less. I enjoyed parts of the last one and sense I really liked the second half of the last book I’m looking forward to the last movie. I’m not having high hopes though.

STHLMCosplay’s Cupcake Bar @ Ung’08 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This video makes me smile!



Have some pictures of the awesome Matti and Rob, who just got engaged!
Congratulations you two! <3