lordbossy said: Oh my goodness, all of that sounds horrible!! How about we arrange for you to take the train & then stay at our place the next time we go to late night movies together? <3

Thank you, that might be a good idea ^^

treskift said: Oh god that sounds terrible, I’m so happy it worked out with the garage and all! Hopefully you’ll get your wallet back soon too, if you call SF and tell them about it I’m sure you’ll get it back! Hugs ♡♡

mellokins said: Omg I’m so glad you got home safe in the end!! ❤️❤️ try contacting SF about your wallet as they probably have it!

Thank you both. I did try calling them but aparently there isn’t a way to just call them directly and checking with their website it says that there is no call service for lost itmes. So I’ll have to go there to check if they have it or not.

tokyodarjeeling said: Dear God I’m so sorry that happened to you D:

Thank you. I should have though of the time earlier and made sure to know which way I was going. That would have made it much easier!

Hugs to all of you <3

mellokins said: I’ll second this!!! :DDD

Yes, lets party! :D

zeronoa said: Jag läste också om det på facebook, så hemskt… Det är klart att du har rätt att känna dig ledsen även om ni inte har pratat på ett tag, ni var ju kompisar förut! Kram <3

Tack! <3

mellokins said: <3<3<3

colorfusical said: <3 <3 <3

More pictures from the Desolation of Smaug premier 

Pretty people in cosplay for The Desolation of Smaug premier.

Marauders Cosplay Skit from the Swedish convention ConFusion in October 2013

There are English subtitles, they are posted as annotations so you may have to go to the youtube page to see them I’m not sure. 

James Potter
Sirius Black 
Remus Lupin
Peter Pettigrew
Severus Snape

The Marauders @ Confusion 2013


Remus Lupin
Peter Pettigrew
James Potter
Sirius Black

Sometimes I miss Japan a lot. I&#8217;m completely blaming you Cece for my current feelings about this!

Sometimes I miss Japan a lot.
I’m completely blaming you Cece for my current feelings about this!

 mellokins said: Your cosplays are awesome!! I cannot help but to think ‘hey there’s lolo!’ everytime I read something w/ stature in mighty avengers THAT’S HOW GOOD YOUR LAST ONE WAS.
Omg, I actually started crying. You don’t know how happy that made me, thank you! <3



/SCREAMS #u# my last savings but AH I’m so happy now! It feels like I just got my first wand from Ollivander’s ;;;;w;;;;

You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now

Yay! I’m looking forward to seeing it! :D
Also where did you get it? 

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